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Pointe Break is a unique marriage of two athletic disciplines, surfing, and ballet. It is the brainchild of two women who believe that the ‘dance’ on land and on sea complement each other perfectly, and can be simultaneously your greatest challenge and greatest release. By partnering surfing with ballet fitness in the most exquisite places on earth, Natalie Sageloly and Jennifer Nichols have created an experience which appeals to the need to explore, to push, and to escape. This is a retreat that is both artistic and athletic.

Our daily surf lessons and Extension Method ballet fitness classes are designed to improve your strength, stability, agility, and flexibility, as well as give you the motivation and confidence to find your balance not just on the water but in everyday life. Previous surf or dance experience is not required, and the program is designed for all levels of fitness. Tempted to try something that nudges you out of your comfort zone? Pointe Break Retreats will help you develop both the long, lean physique of a dancer and the fearless, strong spirit of a surfer.

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All Pointe Break meals are created with local, organic ingredients by chefs sourcing fresh selections daily. They are healthy and nourishing, yet there is no deprivation here.  Expect flavour, originality, and healthy desserts too!  Have dietary restrictions?  We will happily cater to your needs. Our aim is to offer you delicious local cuisine; a taste of local culture with all the bells and whistles of luxury cuisine.
Pointe Break Retreats’ home base is Nosara, Costa Rica; well known for its exquisite surf, lush jungles and colourful lifestyle. A quaint, sleepy surf town, Nosara possesses that rare appeal, the call to adventure and to restoration. Aside from Costa Rica, we handpick retreat locations with a similar exclusive and untouched feel always keeping our finger on the pulse of the hottest new surf and travel locations. Consciously removed from a ‘resort’ vacation environment, our retreats offer luxury amenities and stunning vistas, where you may find yourself on an isolated beach with no one in sight or lulled to sleep in a hammock by the chatter of monkeys.
We have created a unique and balanced retreat which encourages deep connection between yourself and nature, your body and mind, and with fellow Pointe Break guests. An intimate scale is essential for us, and as such we limit our number of guests to respect your privacy and encourage the formation of true connections. We have designed an environment where safety is a priority and where women of all ages, back grounds, physicality and life stage may grow together and reach personal goals. Each trip, we create a family of women who continue to connect long after the retreat experience has ended.  These are lifelong friendships. We truly believe in the undeniable, remarkable power of women, and the bonds created when sharing a new experience.
At Pointe Break Retreats we understand the value in supporting local business and community as well as doing our part to maintain ecological balance in the regions we host our retreats. We partner exclusively with local services and those who likewise demonstrate environmentally and culturally sustainable actions. Our custom Pointe Break rash guards are made of 100% recyclable material and our nourishing cuisine is harvested organically and locally and brought to our table daily by local chefs. It is our goal to give our clients the most authentic experience possible and never to jeopardize the environments that brought us here in the first place.
Pointe Break Retreats was created from the heart and we believe that love above all, is what attracts the Pointe Break Woman. She loves herself enough to invest in her body, mind and creativity. She loves her family enough to spend the time away to recharge the boundless energy and patience required by all moms. She loves meeting new people through unique and exciting experiences, always growing, one wave at a time, one leap at a time, one tear at a time and one group hug at a time. Both Natalie and Jennifer embrace their passions daily as they seek a balanced lifestyle in surf and dance. This love, like a moth to the flame, attracts other warm and passionate individuals. They feel so blessed to be able to share this gift and open their hearts to the remarkable women who join them around the world.


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Nosara, Costa Rica November 2-9 2018 (0NLY 5 SPOTS LEFT) and February 9-16 2019

Columbeira, Portugal   2019 DATES COMING SOON


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