A message from Extension Method Founder, Jennifer Nichols… The Genesis of Pointe Break!

As March draws to an end, I find myself falling prey to the cliché laments prompted by snow falling after the spring equinox. A self professed lover of winter, even I am indulging in mental fantasies, trips to sun washed locales with feet liberated from weighty layers and damp cold.

Which means when there is just such a trip in sight, my mind dances away from me often. Two years ago, I met an extraordinary woman named Natalie Sageloly. Living in the Corktown neighbourhood where my studio, The Extension Room, is located, she had begun to attend my classes regularly. I was instantly charmed by her incredible energy, her zest and joy when she moved. Upon learning that she was an avid surfer, two things came to mind: one, that explained her strength and balance, and two, I want to try my hand at that (or would try my leg be more à propos?) Natalie’s trips to Costa Rica while we got to know each other inspired my envy and curiosity. Having worked with competitive snowboarders in the past (see Extension Method featured in WOMEN’S SNOWBOARD ANNUAL: ), I began to wonder if there could also be a correlation and cross-training potential between ballet and ‘boarding on the sea’?
When Natalie announced her plans to move to Nosara, she proposed a tantalizing idea. Already saddened by the thought of missing her daily dance classes, she was concocting ways to bring them to Costa Rica…which was the genesis of POINTE BREAK.

Where surf and sand meet sautés and soutenus.

The two disciplines are in fact perfectly complementary. Both emphasize core strength, balance, postural alignment and aplomb. They develop superior leg stability and proper tracking of the knee and hip joints. And at the heart of both is a heightened awareness of rhythm.

This is an ideal marriage of the dance on land and sea. It was our motivation for first dreaming, then designing POINTE BREAK RETREATS.

In anticipation of nightfall by the beach, I’ve decided to invest in a noise cancelling machine with ocean sounds to lull me to sleep. Prepping the psyche for bliss.

Founder, Director; Extension Method
Co-Owner; Pointe Break Retreats

*this week on the blog: ‘The Benefits of Dance Class in Tropical Climates’, ‘3 Ballet Exercises to Prep You for the Surfboard’, ‘Finding Your Balance: Secrets on Land and on Water’*

*don’t forget! You have until March 31 to take advantage of the Pointe Break Retreat EARLY BIRD SPECIAL*

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